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    More Time = More Money

    Tango enables customers to pay for drinks on their phones. The result is increased bar revenue, reduced operational cost and a better customer experience.

  • Getting paid shouldn't cost you 60% of your staff's time

    At peak hours bartenders spend nearly 60% of their time turned away from customers. Most of this time is spent handling payments at the POS.

  • How it Works

    Watch this short video to see how Tango works for customers and bartenders

  • Benefits to your business

    Better Data = Better Business

    With Tango you can understand who your customers are, what they're drinking and when they're drinking it. No more guessing.

    Sell more drinks, keep customers happy

    With Tango staff spends less time handling payments so they can spend more time making drinks and engaging with customers

    Save on transaction fees

    With Tango it's as if everyone who comes into your bar on a given night opens a tab. By batching payments Tango can undercut existing processing fees so you can improve margins on every dollar spent.

  • Benefits to your customer

    Fast. Efficient. Secure

    Customers can pay in under 5 seconds. No more swiping, no more receipts, no more lost cards.

    Discover places, products & promotions

    Customers can easily discover places, products and promotions on the fly. Finding great deals and happy hours has never been easier.

    No more standing around waiting to get served

    Customers can purchase more drinks with less wait time at the bar. This keeps them happy and keeps them coming back for that next round.