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    Help build the future of retail

    We believe that the process of buying and selling is one of the most powerful connectors in the world - particularly when that process takes place in person. At Tango we're building tools to make this process more seamless and empowering business and consumers to build on that connection.


    We envision a future where lines and cash registers are a thing of the past and where transactions are more interactive, personal and social.

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    Buying and selling connects us.

    From your bagel guy, to your waiter, to your favorite bartender down the street, buying and selling connects us. Tango's goal isn't to eliminate human experience, but to enhance it.


    We focus on every detail of what we do, so we can help our partners and their customers have more powerful, lasting interactions.


    We are building a future we want to be a part of.

  • A quick guide to Tango's Culture

    From the day we founded Tango, we wanted to make sure we built a company with a culture that we could be proud of. We believe that finding fulfillment in work is one of the most powerful things - and much of that is influenced by the values of the people and the organization you align yourself with.


    We are strong believers that a company is defined not by the product it builds but by the team it builds. Working on hard problems with smart, talented, passionate, intellectually curious and cognitively diverse individuals is what we are about here at Tango.


    Culture is often easy to feel, but hard to describe. Below is our best attempt to put the principles that define our culture into words.


    • Be kind to everyone you interact with both personally and professionally.


    • Take pride in your ability to understand and present complex ideas in simple and intuitive ways. You don't need complex sentences to explain complex ideas.
    • We are all students and we are all teachers. Knowing how and when to be a good teacher or a good student is an incredibly valuable skill. 
    • Don’t be satisfied with BS answers. Always be digging deeper into the “why”. The deeper you go into “why”, the more interesting things tend to be.
    • “Because that’s just the way it is” is never a satisfactory answer.


    • Different types of people will think about problems in different ways. If someone challenges your point of view, don't get defensive, this is good. Embrace differences in opinion and try to understand where they are coming from. You may not find the answer, but it is a valuable exercise in empathy and will lead to a deeper relationship and better questions. 


    • Always understand why you are doing something and how it fits into the big picture. If you don’t understand, ask. This will help make sure everyone’s incentives are aligned because the outcomes of the joint efforts are clear.
    • Don’t be afraid to be vocal about your weaknesses. If you think someone is better fit for a task then you, make it clear. We are all better at certain things and should optimize accordingly. Time is the resource with the highest scarcity and poor optimization limits our execution within the limits of this scarce resource.


    • Time is often wasted in indecisiveness. The key thing is being ok with potentially making a wrong decision and moving fast.
    • Always be working on things that directly impact your primary KPIs, things that have the highest impact.


    • Own your value chain and take responsibility for producing great results.
    • There are no bad teams, just bad leaders. No matter your role or your position within the organization, ownership means understanding the mission and feeling personally responsible for its success. 
    • There are no excuses, just lessons learned.


    • The only way to solve hard problems is to listen carefully, not get discouraged and keep moving forward.
  • Help us build the future of retail

    "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do"