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    On-prem doesn't need to be a black box.

    Tango gives alcohol brands unprecedented insight into customer purchasing behavior at bars & restaurants. This helps brands make intelligent sales, operations and production decisions.

  • Grow sales confidently, eliminate guesswork

  • Benefits to your brand

    Understand customer behavior

    Understand who’s buying what, when, where, with what else, and more. No more guessing. Let the data tell the story.

    Directly connect with customers

    Establish a direct connection with your customers, creating a customer-centric halo around your brand

    Stay ahead of the curve

    Stay ahead of competitors by identifying regional trends before they become mainstream. With Tango Insights, it's never been easier

  • Benefits to your customers

    Turn customers into owners

    Through ratings, surveys or activations Tango lets customer directly engage with and feel ownership in their favorite brands and products.

    Relevant, targeted advertising

    Tango lets brands push highly targeted advertising to customers. Better targeting results in higher engagement and happy customers.

    Access to specials and promotions

    Customers can easily purchase their favorite products from your brand whenever they are out drinking, wherever they're out drinking.