• Our mission is to build a faster, smarter future for on-premise retail.

    Tango is a technology company that builds tools to make on-premise buying and selling faster and smarter. Businesses of every size - from local coffee shops to professional sports stadiums - use our software to sell more and build better relationships with their customers.

  • The power of mobile-first

    With the proliferation of smart phones the modern customer is now mobile-first. Everything they do is tied to their phone. Yet, the world of on-premise hasn't optimized for this new reality.


    Companies like Amazon have pioneered innovated solutions for e-commerce like "One-Click Ordering", which makes the buying experience blazingly fast and increases sales. However, on-premise the buying process is still slow and requires complex hardware and trained staff just to operate it.


    Tango lets customers make purchases on-premise directly from their smart phones. This speeds up transactions by 10x while also marrying online identities to the offline world, allowing users to essentially log in to physical locations—and bring their data with them. This enables businesses to learn user preferences and provide customers a more tailored and personal experience.

  • From local bars to the world's largest companies

    We work with companies across the retail landscape - cafes, bars, restaurants, dining services and sports stadiums, among others - to help them sell more and cater to the modern, mobile-first customer.


    It's time on-premise started competing on a level playing field.


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